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LBBG Holiday

22/06/2018 @ 14:00 - 29/06/2018 @ 17:00

This summer we’re off to the North Norfolk coast for a cycling holiday.

Details below for the actual holiday, as of now there are no spots left – If you want to come you could visit for the night, stay longer and camp or use an Airbnb; post in discussion if you need help with arranging.

Cost: £35
Nights: 7 – Friday – Friday
Dates: 22/6/18 – 29/6/18
Bike Storage: Yes, inside with us.
Type: 8 Berth Caravan, self service.

Info for those who wish to come but stay elsewhere/camp:
Lots of cheap camping spots and Airbnb and also places were you can get away with camping for free – you could then shower and eat with us etc. You’d have to sort this yourself.

Note – I’ll update this with the proper number/details when I know them. For now see here: http://bit.ly/2FrA8Xr

NOTE: We can also fit in the odd extra person most nights, you can chip in on cost of that nights BBQ.

Coming Down on the Train:
It’s also possible to come down for the day, on any day, via the Cambridge Line (Kings Cross, train to Kings Lynn) but bare in mind if we aren’t going towards Kings Lynn on a ride (that day) you’d have to do the 13 miles to us.

For those coming on the Friday, check in is mid afternoon so there is no rush in the morning but if you do travel together you’ll be able to get a group discount, about 33% off – if you are getting the train together then you’l be able to ride the last 13 miles together.

Be sure to be in the front 4 carriages from London as the train splits at Cambridge. I’ll probably be aiming to get the 10ish o’clock train.

Train Station to Location:
http://bit.ly/2Fq7aHm – 17 miles following NCR1 – You can cut out a few miles by staying on the a149 after Castle Rising.

I Want to Ride From London:
Use this Strava route – https://www.strava.com/activities/906055168

Money is non-refundable – if you’re in and change your mind you would have to sell your place to someone else. Note if you can’t stay the full time you can also split the cost with someone else who takes up your spare days.

Parking – in case you want to drive down.
Extra toilets/showers on site + our own.
Swimming pool, bar, restaurant etc.
Beach and shops two mins away.
Washing Machines/dryer etc

Items to Bring:
Usual cycling stuff
Tea, coffee, sugar etc
Tea Towel
Micro Towel (doubles as a blind)/beach towel etc
Black out blind if you have one
*The curtains are always too thin*
There are shops two mins away, we’ll buy what we need for the week on the first day.

Itinerary (rough tbc):

Day 1 – Check in, shop, short ride, beach bbq.

Day 2 – Wells ‘n Blakeney – This route but with a few differences, stops at Wells for Lunch if needed and sight seeing along the way, route back is almost car free and on the NCR route. https://www.strava.com/activities/654277626

Day 3 – Early ride for those that want one, with the locals. Numerous cycling groups all meet up every Sunday at 9am at Castle Rising (Church car park), they usually ride until 1pm and book out a cafe at the end. Expect some classic bikes and many little groups. Meet up point here –http://bit.ly/2oSWdI2

Ride later in the day, short, some villages, bbq on the beach.

Day 4 – Beaches, woods, nature ride – chilled day.

Day 5 – Castle Acre – we’ll head along old country lanes through quaint villages and loop back to base. Like this route but not as far out and a shorter different way back https://www.strava.com/activities/728249894

Day 6 – Docking/Fakenham/Villages and loop back. Medium length ride, quiet lanes, small villages.

Day 7 – Free morning/beach – evening ride with the locals from Kings Lynn, Sandboy Pub http://bit.ly/2oSRFRX

Day 8 – Check out by 11am. If nobody is in a rush we can take a long route back to Kings Lynn and catch the train in the early evening. Might as well make the most of the last day.

2016 LBBG Holiday photo’s: https://www.facebook.com/mattfolwell/media_set?set=a.10157486957305188.1073741904.528910187&type=3

I think that’s everything, any questions just ask!


22/06/2018 @ 14:00
29/06/2018 @ 17:00



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